Welcome and thank you for visiting us. We are a family building group with a multitude of skills and expertise including building and construction, property development, asset and facilities management, interior decoration and design. If you are looking to build, buy, renovate or sell we can make your life easier by assisting you with the following:


  • Pricing your construction projects
  • Building your new home
  • Renovating and/or extending your existing home
  • Selling you one of our project homes
  • Specifying products, fixtures and finishes including colour schemes for your construction projects
  • Styling and decorating your home
  • Referring you to our business partners.

Additionally if you are looking for expert advice and guidance, we can also assist you with your property development or facilities and asset management projects and portfolios.


Working with us

Proud new owner, Julie, told us (Queensland Homes) that she had looked at 50 places over eight months before she settled on her townhouse at Bliss on Berge. I was most impressed by the quality of the work, the high standard of fittings and finishes and the privacy provided between each of the townhouses. But what really sold me was the generous indoor dining and outdoor living and yard where I can sit with my visiting family and watch my grandchildren romp on the grass in a beautifully landscaped and secure backyards designed by Seed Landscape Design. Every other property I looked at met some of my needs but never all the things that this complex offered. Interested in knowing more? Please contact us now.

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Build in Brisbane   Brisbane trade networkBuild in Brisbane   Brisbane trade networkBuild in Brisbane Network

As a founding member i4 Development is extremely proud to be a part of the Build in Brisbane network.

The Build in Brisbane network is a group of QLD businesses who have actively worked together in one way or another for several years. Each member has been personally invited by other businesses that they regularly deal with. Only trusted and professional businesses are involved however we are simply a connected group of businesses rather than an organisation of any kind. We aim to provide a one stop shop so that you can simply connect with whoever you need next in the process of Building in Brisbane.

Or connect on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/buildinbrisbane